Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer an environment in which students of diverse backgrounds and ages have the opportunity to explore their unique musical talents and to bring the best of themselves, their creativity, and their intellectual skills to their musical studies.


Our vision is to offer high-quality instruction in various disciplines to students of all ages and ability levels at an affordable price, and to enrich the community through the promotion of, and dedication to, the study of music.


We believe in a pre-college and community music program that…

  • Challenges and nurtures students of all ages and ability levels.
  • Promotes excellence in instruction, performance and practice.
  • Gives students a solid musical foundation, while encouraging their creativity.
  • Prepares students for continued music study, instilling in them discipline and professionalism.
  • Cultivates a Christian community which serves and inspires through music.
  • Advocates for the value of music in the community.


The first priority of Belmont Academy is the student. Our overall goals of the Academy are:

  • To provide students a range of instrumental and vocal instruction options to choose from, including classical and commercial styles.
  • To guide students toward a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the art of music-making.
  • To instill a disciplined practice ethic that will help each student realize his or her individual potential and foster an appreciation for life-long learning.
  • To lead all students (from beginning to advanced) to technical proficiency, excellent musicianship, and professional presentation through dedicated instruction, demonstration of mastery in performance practices, and a commitment to the professional and ethical standards of Belmont University.
  • To engage and enrich the Nashville community by providing an excellent, active, affordable pre-college and community music program which maintains high standards of instruction and performance.